Replace Cyber Risk with Peace of Mind

Gorilla’s approach to Cyber Security is to identify and remove risk, therefore providing peace of mind.

This usually starts with a Cyber Security Audit & Analysis – and for ongoing assurance, continues with the ongoing Gorilla Cyber Security Prevention Programme to facilitate continuous risk mitigation and risk reduction.

We cover all the bases – from ensuring your systems (cloud and local) are configured securely – through to training your team to understand how to work safely.


Cyber Security Audit

Your organisation deserves to know that current status of your Cyber Security protection and risk profile. Our Audits provide exactly that and a path to minimising future risks and for most small to medium businesses is available from just $7,000+GST.

Ongoing Continuous Vulnerability Prevention

Through a programme of continuous risk reduction we ensure your organisation will be least likely to be disrupted or destroyed by a critical Cyber Incident.


For organisations that are being impacted by a current cyber security incident right now, our team are able to leap into action with an approach that is both fast and strategic. Now is not the time to gamble with the future of your organisation.


Gorilla Cyber Security Solutions & Services

Thanks to 20-years of reducing cyber security risks for small-medium New Zealand organisations, Gorilla is uniquely positioned to help your organisation navigate forward with confidence – rather than constantly worrying about that next cyber security incident that might befall you.

Our role is support your internal people and your organisations’ IT team or external provider to be resilient to cyber risks of all kinds.


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