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Cyber Security Policy

All organisations benefit by clearly and concisely communicating cyber security policy, IT usage policy and data privacy policy.

Gorilla Cyber Security can help develop relevant and appropriate policies that help guide your people to avoid and reduce unnecessary risk.

At Gorilla Cyber Security, we are firm believers in using multiple communication methods and delivering information small regular pieces – rather than overwhelming people with too much information all at once. Therefore, we recommend keeping your IT and cyber security policies as light as is practical – and augmenting policies with ongoing education and building a culture of cyber security awareness.

Naturally whatever is put in place in terms of policy, must be supported by an appropriate proactive regime that ensures systems are kept secure on an ongoing basis since policy and education alone cannot keep an organisation secure.

If you organisation would benefit from help developing a Cyber Security Policy and/or Technology Usage Policy then feel free to get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist. If you do not yet understand your cyber security posture then some foundation work may be helpful upfront.

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