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Cyber Security Governance

The Gorilla Cyber Security team is here to help establish safe and appropriate governance practices – and keep them current over time.

Ensuring that your organisation follows solid cyber security and privacy governance practices is essential for the success of the organisation and all directors. Keys include providing strategic direction, accountability and ensuring risks are appropriately mitigated, monitored and reported on.

Boards who lack appropriate and formal governance practices related to privacy and cyber security risk a wide variety of potential impacts. This includes being held to account to laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which applies across borders. Compliance with New Zealand’s new Privacy Act 2020 is now essential for virtually all organisations dealing with data. 

Cyber Security Governance Policy

If your board needs guidance in establishing an acceptable level of cyber security risk then Gorilla can help. This can be supported by working with your team to formalise relevant cyber security policies – and then updating these as necessary on an ongoing basis.

Cyber Security Board Reporting

Gorilla Cybersecurity can work with your team to formalise what is appropriate from a reporting perspective for your organisation. Where appropriate, we can produce regular cybersecurity board reports so as to minimise the workload on employees while ensuring the board is alerted to areas of risk.

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